• FAQ #8: What are the most popular categories?

    Just to refresh you on how we organise cards: geographical, theme, or both. For example, a postcard of Los Angeles Airport would appear in “California” and “Aviation” and possibly even “Flags” if one was prominent in the photo. For this FAQ, we’ll focus on themes, and it’s an easy question to answer. Right now we […]

    Date posted: 20 June 2015 | Comment (0)

    FAQ #8:  What are the most popular categories?
  • FAQ #7: How do you store your cards?

    Welcome to June in Hong Kong, so humid that walls paint themselves green with mould and cereal stays crispy for about five seconds in an opened box. So it seems like the right time to chat about how we help postcards survive all this. If you’re so inclined, see also FAQ #4 about making money. […]

    Date posted: 1 June 2015 | Comment (0)

    FAQ #7:  How do you store your cards?
  • Space

    No, not Outer Space. We’re talking about electronic space taken up by the website. Here’s the short story. We pay annual fees to a host server, and the total depends on how much space we think we need. For years we never changed the requirement. But in 2014, we started adding cards more aggressively, and […]

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  • The mountains don’t move

    After a short break, we’re back, and it seems like as good a time as any to reflect (no pun intended) on one of our least favourite categories: Mountains. Imagine yourself with stacks of postcards to process. Old buildings, old vehicles, people doing strange things, exotic locations. And mountains that for the most part look […]

    Date posted: 5 May 2015 | Comment (1)

    The mountains don’t move
  • Crimea

    It depends on how far back you go. We remember when Myanmar was Burma, when Sri Lanka was Ceylon, when Tanzania was Tanganyika … and people alive today might remember when Austria and Hungary were one country. Sort of. But anything involving the Slavic nations takes more than a little time and effort to understand. […]

    Date posted: 7 April 2015 | Comment (1)

  • Little things amuse little minds

    Call it a jigsaw puzzle, or the domino effect, or karma, whatever you like. We just want to let those of you who aren’t running a website know how much fun (and how complicated) it can be. We buy a fixed amount of space on the host server, and pay annually. You might think we […]

    Date posted: 19 March 2015 | Comment (2)

    Little things amuse little minds
  • FAQ #6: Can I buy 1000 copies?

    Yes, seriously, we get this question.  If not 1000, then 500, or 50, but many more than what we offer.  The answer is “no, sorry” with an exception we will cook up if you keep reading.   The explanation for this question is simple enough.  Many online websites sell do-it-yourself cards.  You choose the artwork […]

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    FAQ #6:  Can I buy 1000 copies?
  • FAQ #5: How much does this card cost?

    Sometimes — not always — this question puzzles us because the price of each card is listed at least once, and sometimes twice, in the description. Yet so many people ask. It’s not the same as ordering several cards (which is what most customers do) and asking for confirmation of a total, or asking us […]

    Date posted: 19 January 2015 | Comment (1)

    FAQ #5:  How much does this card cost?
  • Triage

    First responders to an accident sometimes need to make quick decisions about who to help first. This process of “triage” should be the most efficient use of time and resources to save the greatest number of lives. We haven’t yet encountered a life-or-death decision involving postcards. But you can see how labour-intensive this whole process […]

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