• Sand

    Back in the Dark Ages, we had a friend who was a celebrated travel writer.   He was in hot demand, by publications large and small.  No subject, however trivial; no location, however obscure, was beyond his skill.  Except one:  beaches.  He hated sand in all its forms, and more than once we heard him say […]

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  • Rojak

    If you’ve spent time in Southeast Asia, you might recognise “rojak” as a kind of salad with everything in it.  The term colloquially also means “a bit of everything,” or — less politely — the dog’s lunch.  And so you are reading a rojak entry now, what comes to mind on this sunny morning.   […]

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  • A cautionary tale

    No, the picture you see isn’t a mistake.  Let us explain, but first:  what’s a cautionary tale anyway?   We can condense Wikipedia’s definition:  there are three essential parts to a cautionary tale.   First, a prohibition;  then,  someone disregarded the warning and performed the forbidden act; and finally, the violator comes to an unpleasant fate.  […]

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    A cautionary tale
  • Scarce Countries

    Now there’s a subjective term. If you live here in Hong Kong, it’s not scarce at all. If you live in (fill in the blank) and can’t find Hong Kong on a map, it might be. But for the sake of argument — ours — countries like Germany and USA are not scarce, but Guyana and Equatorial Guinea are. Let’s go through our own situation.

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    Scarce Countries
  • The Future of Postcards

    A recent article in our major local newspaper, the South China Morning Post, carried the title “Tech-savvy travelers are reshaping city’s tourism”. Well, we knew this already. What caught our eye was the sub-head: “Gone are the days of postcards”. It’s getting harder and harder to disagree.

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    The Future of Postcards
  • Post offices

    We have more than a few anecdotes about post offices.  Without them, postcards — and we — would be in big trouble.   Travelling and mailing postcards, not to mention running an online business, inevitably means dealing with post offices around the world.  Just about any highly developed western country’s postal service lands on the honour roll, […]

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    Post offices
  • U.S. presidents

    Our home page says “No politics! (Not usually.)” Yes, it is possible to do a Blog entry on U.S. Presidents without getting political about it, though we admit these trying times sorely test that promise. As a concession, we’ve chosen an old card of the first of these gentlemen, George Washington, who appears on Mt. […]

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    U.S. presidents
  • If at first you don’t succeed …

    OK, the background. You already know we’re based in Hong Kong, with “real” China about an hour by train north of us. Shenzhen (twice as many people as HK) looms right there. A bit further, by another train, you find Zhangmutou, a pleasant but otherwise unremarkable town. We go to both places fairly often, mostly […]

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    If at first you don’t succeed …
  • I heart postcards

    Well, we really do.  But that’s not the point.  We have a theme category for “I (heart)” postcards because, after 1977 when I ❤ NY spread like wildfire for New York City and the state itself, we saw that logo everywhere and for everything. Apologies in advance, but you will need to do some clicking and scrolling […]

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    I heart postcards
  • Questions for the ages

    Daddy, why is the sky blue? Where does the universe end? How much does this card cost? Unusually, we’re doing this Blog entry mostly for us to blow off steam, and this time we won’t even send out the usual announcement of a new posting. If you know what we mean by a rhetorical question, […]

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    Questions for the ages