• What to say?

    This will have to be the last entry under “Getting Started”, since we’ve already started.  But it seems like a good place to write about what we will write about later … we’re not the New York Times or even the South China Morning Post so you probably shouldn’t expect late-breaking news.  Over time (lots […]

    Date posted: 29 August 2012 | Comment (0)

    What to say?
  • Better Late than Never

    So here we are, six years into running the website, and we can start sharing the joys of running it with you.  This blog will be about postcards, the website, technical things, sourcing, customers’ stories, our stories, and whatever seems right at the time.   Would it surprise you, to get this far we had […]

    Date posted: 21 August 2012 | Comment (1)

    Better Late than Never