• Where the cards come from

    It’s all about critical mass. We went into this knowing we would never compete with jumbo sites. But then, boutique hotels aren’t trying to compete with Hyatt, either. Finding a niche and exploiting it without masses of advertising can be tough. We’re working on it. Meanwhile, as cards go out, we need to bring more […]

    Date posted: 24 September 2012 | Comment (0)

    Where the cards come from
  • From our hands to your eyes

    We like to think we don’t have the personality of the mythological Greek King Sisyphus, but getting cards into the website sure can feel like what he spent all his time doing.  This is a labour-intensive process, usually going something like this:   *  Source cards we want to enter (much more on this later).   […]

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    From our hands to your eyes