• Pricing

    What fun this is.  If only postcards could be priced like gold — market rate, standard.  But it doesn’t work that way, of course, and when a piece of artwork more than 100 years old, with stamp and clear postmark, can sometimes be listed at only US$1, you know there are many forces at work.   What […]

    Date posted: 24 October 2012 | Comment (1)

  • Postcard categories: the sky’s the limit

    You might think it would be clear right away. The card belongs in this category, or that one, just do it and move on. Right? Wrong. First, we need to explain something we mentioned elsewhere in the site, that the same card may be entered more than once. That’s why we mention “entries” on the […]

    Date posted: 8 October 2012 | Comment (0)

    Postcard categories:  the sky’s the limit