• Chinese New Year, and spam

    It’s almost that time of year again, surrounded by miniature mandarin oranges and kumquats, flowers we never see in any other season, local people wearing parkas in 20C weather, and … China Post’s annual issue of Lunar New Year lottery cards.  We’ve just finished this round of the incredibly tedious task of entering the latest […]

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    Chinese New Year, and spam
  • Bangkok

    We just came back from a short trip to Bangkok. These trips are usually for various administrative things, but we always try to find time for postcards too. Last week was no exception, and we got lucky, though not in the way we expected. Some of the big Asian cities really don’t have much heart, […]

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  • This doesn’t fit!

    Regular readers (all five of you!)  might remember that we made a blog entry last February about theme categories.  Right now more than 100 of these categories range from general (“Romance”) to very specific (“Buffalo Bill”).  We also observed that some of these categories probably shouldn’t be there.  But they cause no damage, and so there they […]

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    This doesn’t fit!
  • What is a postcard?

    Leave it to us to make a simple topic complicated.   It’s easy to know what a postcard isn’t, right?  An apple is not a postcard, is it?  But what if you put a stamp on it, and carve a message into the skin, and write the address, and mail it?  (Don’t give up, we’re almost […]

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    What is a postcard?
  • Hong Kong

    It’s about time we tackled the subject of our home base.  Hong Kong must be one of the world’s most-visited cities.  Rightly so.  It’s on the way to everywhere, has a great airport, much to see, and with a few concessions to room size and meals, it need not be too expensive to stay and explore.  […]

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    Hong Kong
  • Some things we’ve learned

    Nothing earth-shattering here on this hot summer day in Hong Kong, just thoughts built up over several years of managing this website.  We may adjust this list later, but for now, here we go, completely at random:   1.  The only certain grade for condition is “5” (space filler).  Nobody ever questions that.  For the most part, we think […]

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    Some things we’ve learned
  • Indonesia

    We just came back from one of our periodic trips to Indonesia, so it’s a good chance to say something about their postcards. Keep in mind that Indonesia is a huge country no matter how you look at it: 4th largest in population, maybe 13th or 14th in land area, and 16,000 to 18,000 islands–some […]

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  • Post Love to the Future

    No, that’s not a creepy new film title.  We were up at Hong Kong’s Victoria Peak the other day, doing some tour guiding.  If you’ve ever seen the Peak Tower, you know it’s built into a sort of atrium structure, and at one level we looked down to another level and saw a massive plastic […]

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    Post Love to the Future
  • Tinkering

    We’ve mumbled about this before, but it never hurts to remind ourselves that entering a postcard into this website is just the beginning of a complicated process of fixing small (and big) mistakes, structural improvements, cosmetic adjustments, and so on. Ah, if only it was as easy as just dropping in a new card. Here […]

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  • 30 uses for postcards

    Postcards are alive.  If you just see them as coloured pieces of paper, you wouldn’t be reading this anyway.  We’ve been keeping a list of ways to use postcards, and here’s what we came up with so far.  By all means please use the “Comments” section to give us more ideas … we want to […]

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    30 uses for postcards