• China Post

    Now, some words about China.  Depending on whom you talk to, Hong Kong (where we live) either is or isn’t part of the world’s largest country, now with 1.3 billion people–many of whom seem to be here at any given time.  The plan is in place for Hong Kong to be fully integrated into China […]

    Date posted: 21 January 2013 | Comment (0)

    China Post
  • Lighthouses to the right of us …

    This isn’t just a metaphor.  We fell behind on opening boxes of new stock, and one of them had hundreds of cards of old lighthouses of all shapes and sizes and ages.   Now we have always had a fascination for lighthouses, having a friend who owned one in Scotland, and also climbing to the top of […]

    Date posted: 6 January 2013 | Comment (1)

    Lighthouses to the right of us …