• If we were to run out of postcards

    Let’s start with money.  Wouldn’t it be boring if the world only used Euros?  Here’s the story:  everyone saves something.  It starts with “let’s not throw that away,” moves into keeping all that in a box, graduates into a collection, and winds up as an obsession.  Sound familiar?  And we’re not just talking about postcards, but all […]

    Date posted: 31 March 2013 | Comment (2)

    If we were to run out of postcards
  • Internet postcards

    Once upon a time (don’t you enjoy stories starting like this?) if someone wanted a postcard they went out and bought it from a shop. Maybe a drugstore, maybe a stationery store, maybe a bookshop, maybe–usually–a tourist shop on the beach, near a mountain, somewhere. Early in the 20th century, a sub-genre of cards emerged: […]

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    Internet postcards