• Indonesia

    We just came back from one of our periodic trips to Indonesia, so it’s a good chance to say something about their postcards. Keep in mind that Indonesia is a huge country no matter how you look at it: 4th largest in population, maybe 13th or 14th in land area, and 16,000 to 18,000 islands–some […]

    Date posted: 23 July 2013 | Comment (1)

  • Post Love to the Future

    No, that’s not a creepy new film title.  We were up at Hong Kong’s Victoria Peak the other day, doing some tour guiding.  If you’ve ever seen the Peak Tower, you know it’s built into a sort of atrium structure, and at one level we looked down to another level and saw a massive plastic […]

    Date posted: 5 July 2013 | Comment (1)

    Post Love to the Future