• Hong Kong

    It’s about time we tackled the subject of our home base.  Hong Kong must be one of the world’s most-visited cities.  Rightly so.  It’s on the way to everywhere, has a great airport, much to see, and with a few concessions to room size and meals, it need not be too expensive to stay and explore.  […]

    Date posted: 22 August 2013 | Comment (1)

    Hong Kong
  • Some things we’ve learned

    Nothing earth-shattering here on this hot summer day in Hong Kong, just thoughts built up over several years of managing this website.  We may adjust this list later, but for now, here we go, completely at random:   1.  The only certain grade for condition is “5” (space filler).  Nobody ever questions that.  For the most part, we think […]

    Date posted: 7 August 2013 | Comment (1)

    Some things we’ve learned