• This doesn’t fit!

    Regular readers (all five of you!)  might remember that we made a blog entry last February about theme categories.  Right now more than 100 of these categories range from general (“Romance”) to very specific (“Buffalo Bill”).  We also observed that some of these categories probably shouldn’t be there.  But they cause no damage, and so there they […]

    Date posted: 30 October 2013 | Comment (4)

    This doesn’t fit!
  • What is a postcard?

    Leave it to us to make a simple topic complicated.   It’s easy to know what a postcard isn’t, right?  An apple is not a postcard, is it?  But what if you put a stamp on it, and carve a message into the skin, and write the address, and mail it?  (Don’t give up, we’re almost […]

    Date posted: 15 October 2013 | Comment (0)

    What is a postcard?