• New Year’s resolutions

    People say, if you are dumb enough to make ten new year’s resolutions, but can manage to keep five of them, that’s good.  We are more of a “glass is half full” operation than that, and we would rather make just two resolutions we think we have a chance of keeping.   That was the […]

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    New Year’s resolutions
  • FAQ #4: Do you make money with this?

    We’ll stop laughing long enough to answer this, if not once and for all, then definitely for now.  The short answer:  yes and no.   You can do the math.  If we had (as an example) 20,000 cards in inventory and if the average price per card was US$2, the retail value of all the […]

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    FAQ #4:  Do you make money with this?
  • FAQ #3: Will you sell my cards for me?

    The short answer: sure, we can try, but you won’t like the conditions. It’s complicated. You have expectations (see FAQ #2: How much is my card worth?) and those expectations are almost certainly higher than ours. Someone once said “You can’t sell on sentiment alone,” and just because your grandma passed this card from her […]

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    FAQ #3:  Will you sell my cards for me?
  • FAQ #2: How much is my card worth?

    We open the morning e-mails and from time to time we see versions of this:  “I got this old card of (ABC) from my grandmother and would like to know what it’s worth.”   Wouldn’t we all like to know that?  We bite our tongue and always answer as politely as we can, but, folks, […]

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    FAQ #2:  How much is my card worth?
  • FAQ #1: How can you find different things to say?

    Greetings from poor (according to our Chief Executive), disheveled Hong Kong. As the demonstrations and protests go on and on and ON, almost below our window, we have opened a new category for frequently asked questions, and here’s the first entry. By “frequently” of course we mean “at least once,” but we guarantee we won’t […]

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    FAQ #1:  How can you find different things to say?
  • Trip report

    All is well after the road trip through eight Midwest U.S. states, endless rows of corn and soybeans waiting to be harvested, and heaping plates of American comfort food.  We had almost forgotten what an open-faced hot turkey sandwich was, and somehow that is going to be hard to duplicate here in Hong Kong.   But […]

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    Trip report
  • North Korea

    Many years ago, we had the chance to visit this unusual country, and recently decided to go back and see the changes — and to get some postcards, if we could. To the obvious amusement of our very attentive guides, we did find some great cards. To be sure, some are like the one you […]

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    North Korea
  • Maximum cards

    If there was ever a confusing name for a type of postcard, this is it.  Maximum Cards aren’t called that because they are BIG.  They got this name because, ideally, every element about them is the same.  (Or it should be.)  Have a look at the scan from Estonia that goes along with this blog […]

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    Maximum cards
  • All things Disney (Part 2)

    Earlier this year, we wrote about how hard it is (was) to find Disney postcards here in Hong Kong, even though we have a thriving Disneyland. The only retail shop outside the grounds of the park itself is at the airport, and postcards went off sale there more than a year ago. Miracles happen. We […]

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    All things Disney (Part 2)
  • News & notes

    On this hot and humid summer evening, ships’ horns sounding out in the harbour, Mau-Mau the cat (and co-owner) snoring away under the bookshelf, we’ll write about a few things that don’t need their own individual entries.  Something in this should be interesting!   *  South America   We’ve known for a long time that the […]

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    News & notes