• The cultural value of postcards

    You know, as we process each card for the site, inevitably we read it, and imagine how and why it was sent. We would be surprised if someone out there hasn’t already done a dissertation, or written a book, or made an academic investigation into “Communication through Postcards” and tried to show how messages have […]

    Date posted: 19 February 2014 | Comment (1)

    The cultural value of postcards
  • Taiwan

    We’re overdue to acknowledge the significant contribution of our friend in Taiwan, Lin-Lee, to our collection of Taiwanese postcards.  As part of her work, Lin-Lee travels across the country, and keeps her eyes open for unusual and colourful items she thinks we might like to list.  And she is invariably correct in her choices.   […]

    Date posted: 4 February 2014 | Comment (1)