• When we’re wrong …

    IF ONLY it were as simple as dropping a card into a machine and having it suddenly appear in the website, perfectly scanned and described. Much of the time, we get it right. Once in awhile, not so much–especially where descriptions are concerned. It’s not always because we were wrong at the time, but because […]

    Date posted: 16 December 2015 | Comment (1)

    When we’re wrong …
  • Taiwan (Part 2)

    Early in 2014 we did a Blog entry about Taiwan, and if you’ve been with us from the beginning, you know we rarely repeat a topic.  Well, miracles happen.  Here’s more about Taiwan, giving credit to postcard creativity we don’t usually see from other countries, definitely not around Asia.  Japan has Gotochi; Australia has Maximum […]

    Date posted: 30 November 2015 | Comment (0)

    Taiwan (Part 2)
  • Re-stocking

    About a year and a half ago, we made an entry about “Topping Up”, mostly about trying to add bulk to the site and balance out underrepresented categories and locations. As the result of what someone once called a happy problem, we still need more cards, but for a different reason. Read on … We […]

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  • FAQ #10: Why do you have so many cards from Malaysia?

    The Blog entry about two months ago asked for suggestions on what we should write. One of those noted the greater number of cards from Malaysia, our connection to it, and so on. Yes, we (there’s that “we” again) lived there for many years, and have waited almost as long to write about it. The […]

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    FAQ #10:  Why do you have so many cards from Malaysia?
  • Rectification

    Rectification. It sounds vaguely medical, but at least it’s a better header than “Statistics”. Just for fun we thought we’d reveal some of the process we need to go through after each round of card entry. We wish we got it exactly right the first time, but of course that never happens. So here goes. […]

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  • Statistics

    Now there’s a catchy title for a Blog entry, guaranteed to turn away nearly everyone who sees it. Not to worry, if you’re this far, you’re over the worst of it. First, thanks for ideas for future entries, as we asked for last time. We’ll get to those. For right now, and for no special […]

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  • Ideas

    The Blog has been going for a few years now, and sometimes it seems like we’ve written about everything but the cost of living in Hong Kong — and even that’s probably in here somewhere, too. We’ve covered many of the larger theme categories, and a few countries; also technical issues, logistical problems, road trips, […]

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  • FAQ #9: Which cards are better — used or unused?

    Our honest answer: we have no idea. Let’s say someone is desperate — we mean really DESPERATE — for a postcard with a picture of Star Street in Hong Kong. (Side note: there may be such a person, but we haven’t met them yet.) They aren’t going to care if the card was mailed or […]

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    FAQ #9:  Which cards are better — used or unused?
  • Novelty and creativity

    After the technical problems our modest website experienced during the past month, we were tempted to suspend Blog activity until things got fixed.  But guess what:  without the Blog, we can’t test the notification system.  We don’t want daily entries, but here’s a chance to kill two birds with one stone.  We’re hoping you get the notice that […]

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    Novelty and creativity
  • Latin America

    For a very long time, Latin America–apart from Mexico–was the weakest link in the website. We had dipped our corporate toe in the water and obtained a few cards from French Guiana but that didn’t compensate for having nothing from Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, or anywhere else. Well, we’re fixing that now. Thanks to Luiz, a […]

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    Latin America