• FAQ #5: How much does this card cost?

    Sometimes — not always — this question puzzles us because the price of each card is listed at least once, and sometimes twice, in the description. Yet so many people ask. It’s not the same as ordering several cards (which is what most customers do) and asking for confirmation of a total, or asking us […]

    Date posted: 19 January 2015 | Comment (1)

    FAQ #5:  How much does this card cost?
  • Triage

    First responders to an accident sometimes need to make quick decisions about who to help first. This process of “triage” should be the most efficient use of time and resources to save the greatest number of lives. We haven’t yet encountered a life-or-death decision involving postcards. But you can see how labour-intensive this whole process […]

    Date posted: 2 January 2015 | Comment (0)