• Novelty and creativity

    After the technical problems our modest website experienced during the past month, we were tempted to suspend Blog activity until things got fixed.  But guess what:  without the Blog, we can’t test the notification system.  We don’t want daily entries, but here’s a chance to kill two birds with one stone.  We’re hoping you get the notice that […]

    Date posted: 23 July 2015 | Comment (0)

    Novelty and creativity
  • Latin America

    For a very long time, Latin America–apart from Mexico–was the weakest link in the website. We had dipped our corporate toe in the water and obtained a few cards from French Guiana but that didn’t compensate for having nothing from Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, or anywhere else. Well, we’re fixing that now. Thanks to Luiz, a […]

    Date posted: 3 July 2015 | Comment (0)

    Latin America