• Being global (Part 2)

    A Blog entry last August shows a nearly unreadable map of countries where we had maybe one but usually no cards yet at all. Our goal was to reach 200 countries and territories. Here’s a new map–sorry, still hard to see–showing progress. Think of this like cartoons you sometimes find in the Sunday newspaper’s comics […]

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    Being global (Part 2)
  • Africa

    A big place, Africa. We once read that Greenland would fit into the continent 23.5 times. True or not, there’s no denying Africa is a richly diverse collection of countries and great natural beauty. But not postcards. We lived and worked in Kenya once, for a couple of years, and it was magnificent. Unfortunately this […]

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  • A few more FAQs

    Some of these FAQs are more F than others, but instead of stringing them out through a year of entries, we’ll tackle them all at once. Here you go … * How safe is Hongkong Post? I don’t want to spend extra on registered mail. — The problem would more likely be with your post […]

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    A few more FAQs
  • How much is that doggie in the window?

    Do you remember that old song, by Patti Page? Maybe not many people do, now, but it was popular in the 1950s and you can find it on YouTube. Where we are concerned, the answer is: US$3. That’s the cost of this postcard, and our introduction to a few statistics about our pricing. Don’t worry, […]

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    How much is that doggie in the window?
  • The curse of being “global”

    Well, we are “Global Postcard Sales” after all. The home page tries to say we know we’re not the largest postcard site, though that hasn’t stopped a few people from reminding us anyway that we’re not. Even so, the word “global” has certain connotations and responsibilities, right? We did a (quick) internet search to try […]

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    The curse of being “global”
  • Hotels and motels

    Once upon a time, you would check into a hotel or motel–no reservation needed, just look for the “Vacancy” sign to be lit–and right there along with the Gideon Bible, or at the very least at the front desk, there would be postcards of the property. Now, just try asking at the front desk and […]

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    Hotels and motels
  • Albania

    When we were younger — and the world was different — many of today’s countries didn’t exist, and some that do had entirely different characters.  Albania is one of those.  Back then, we had the impression it was hermetically sealed, nobody in or out, so we were as curious about it as someone who lived in China would be […]

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  • Not quite what it seems, but that’s fine

    We recently had the chance to fly Turkish Airlines. It was a series of long flights, great food, incomprehensible entertainment system. But that’s not the point of this little story. As we always do, one of the first things we ask when we board a plane is if the cabin crew have any postcards. (Don’t […]

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    Not quite what it seems, but that’s fine
  • Romance in the air – an idea

    Even the misanthropes among us sometimes stir to the language of love.  (And you are already thinking:  what on earth??)  Don’t give up on us.   Here’s an idea for you.  We have a category called “Romance”.  You are always wondering how to surprise your loved one with an unusual and unique gift, maybe for […]

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    Romance in the air – an idea
  • The blog entry we always wanted to make

    It’s about time. These are not quite FAQs because they are not “F” but they are real “AQs” so here we go: 1. Why do you put “USA” in theme categories where cards come from USA? The state should be enough. — We’re global. Our customers in Namibia may not know where Iowa is any […]

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    The blog entry we always wanted to make