• The curse of being “global”

    Well, we are “Global Postcard Sales” after all. The home page tries to say we know we’re not the largest postcard site, though that hasn’t stopped a few people from reminding us anyway that we’re not. Even so, the word “global” has certain connotations and responsibilities, right? We did a (quick) internet search to try […]

    Date posted: 22 August 2016 | Comment (0)

    The curse of being “global”
  • Hotels and motels

    Once upon a time, you would check into a hotel or motel–no reservation needed, just look for the “Vacancy” sign to be lit–and right there along with the Gideon Bible, or at the very least at the front desk, there would be postcards of the property. Now, just try asking at the front desk and […]

    Date posted: 14 August 2016 | Comment (2)

    Hotels and motels