• Bye-bye Salmon. No, not the fish.

    You might see this article more clearly if you click the picture, or maybe not.  So we’ll tell you about it.  Written by Jane Shilling, this first appeared in London’s Daily Telegraph.  Called “How sad that postcards are on the way out”, it laments the closure of Britain’s oldest postcard publisher, J. Salmon.   We […]

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    Bye-bye Salmon.  No, not the fish.
  • Barber shops … but not really

    We chose Barber Shops for this entry even though it has nothing really to do with barber shops.  And why is that?  Because, way back in the dark ages when we were building this site, we wanted to have as many theme categories as possible, and we noticed that we had a few barber shop […]

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    Barber shops … but not really
  • Okinawa

    It wasn’t just for the postcards. Okinawa isn’t far from Hong Kong. We had never been there. The chance for a cruise came up, and we took it. Six days, two typhoons, 2999 fellow passengers, 2006 crew, two shore tours … who could ask for more? Recall our Blog about searching for postcards in PNG. […]

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  • Kerry

    Kerry Vesper is an artist, a sculptor. Not incidentally, he and his equally skilled wife Joyce have been friends for 50 years. And he likes to search for postcards, and he sends them, and many of them are in the website. While we don’t always use family names in the Blog, we make an exception […]

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  • Papua New Guinea

    There is something new under the sun, after all.  We had always wanted to visit PNG, and it was the last of the Asian countries east of Bangladesh on our bucket list.  As if we needed any other reason, we had no postcards from there.  So why not go?   Well, if you believe reports […]

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    Papua New Guinea
  • “Merci” in every language to Ray, Soh Har, and Ian

    Once in awhile, people warm up to the thrill of the chase, at least where postcards are concerned. Raymond and Soh Har have been friends for 33 years now (!), while their grandson, Ian, has also started working his way up the longevity ladder. Ray and Soh Har live in East Malaysia, and Ian in […]

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    “Merci” in every language to Ray, Soh Har, and Ian
  • Please, Mr. Postman

    We’ve been lucky. In all these years, no shipment has gone missing. One was returned because the customer didn’t provide a complete address (we had no way to know that) but in the end, it all worked out. One reason why the success rate has been good is that registered post from here in Hong […]

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    Please, Mr. Postman
  • Home improvement

    We thought the recent departure of our original webmaster might be a good time to do a zero-base review of the site’s interior structure and outward appearance, and see what we could do about online visibility, too.   The things we learn!   One of those was probably the most fundamental, what’s called the Content […]

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    Home improvement
  • Royalty

    We weren’t really inclined to open a new theme category, but somehow (OK, OK, it was a string of entries from the House of Windsor) we realised we had quite a few kings and queens and princes and other searchable titles. It sealed the deal that some of the most unlikely countries–like DPR Korea–had kings, […]

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  • Postcard clubs

    You already know that we know we need to boost visibility for this website on the internet.  So we thought OK, maybe joining a few postcard clubs and trade associations might not be a bad idea.  And how to find those?  Of course, Google.   Keeping in mind that postcards are probably the world’s third-largest […]

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    Postcard clubs