• The ties that bind

    Yup, another entry about the website and not cards themselves.  Don’t worry, we will get back to form soon, but this is important and needs writing now.   We have never been under any illusion that we are a dominating force in postcard sales.  Our home page says “We’re not the largest … and never will […]

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    The ties that bind
  • I heart postcards

    Well, we really do.  But that’s not the point.  We have a theme category for “I (heart)” postcards because, after 1977 when I ❤ NY spread like wildfire for New York City and the state itself, we saw that logo everywhere and for everything. Apologies in advance, but you will need to do some clicking and scrolling […]

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    I heart postcards
  • Questions for the ages

    Daddy, why is the sky blue? Where does the universe end? How much does this card cost? Unusually, we’re doing this Blog entry mostly for us to blow off steam, and this time we won’t even send out the usual announcement of a new posting. If you know what we mean by a rhetorical question, […]

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    Questions for the ages
  • The Balkans: so good, we went back

    Dredge your memory and recall a 2016 Blog entry describing our first visit to Albania.  We ended by saying “We loved Albania and would go back in a flash to see the rest of the country if that were possible,”  not really thinking that it was.  Well, as things turned out, it was.   Shakespeare […]

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    The Balkans:  so good, we went back
  • Degrading postcards?

    Can you make out the article’s text? If not, you should be able to see the headline, and when you carry on reading this entry, the photo gets a bit bigger. But you get the idea. We hardly know where to start. England made a whole industry out of risque, suggestive, and comic seashore postcards. […]

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    Degrading postcards?
  • The stories we tell

    From the home page:  “We don’t just sell old postcards, we tell the stories”.  No pun intended, but there’s a back-story to this.  It used to say “We don’t just sell the cards …” but as we understood how important the home page is to search engines, we added “old”.  Guess how many entries for […]

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    The stories we tell
  • How postcards wind up with us

    It makes us happy to land a stash of cards we know will add value to the site. Sometimes old, sometimes new, sometimes borrowed (consignments), even sometimes blue. But we’ve stopped considering unsolicited offers from people we don’t know. We get many of these, usually well-meaning, like this: “My parents had this box of cards […]

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    How postcards wind up with us
  • Thailand

    We go to Bangkok once or twice a year, usually for specific reasons but not usually on holiday.  We think we know the city fairly well, but it’s so big and so chaotic in so many ways, there will always be surprises.  Traffic jams are never a surprise, and Bangkok along with Jakarta and Manila […]

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  • Buffalo Bill

    First of all, a big WELCOME! to new Blog subscribers.  We’re grateful for every one of you, even more when you leave a comment.  But now, on with the entry. Buffalo Bill is one of those names that fewer and fewer people still alive will remember.  He had his day in American history, and you […]

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    Buffalo Bill
  • Happy Easter

    This is one of those seemingly never-ending strings of public holidays that, by coincidence, let salaried employees use only three days of leave and be away for ten days. And they sure do go, based on news shots of the airport and land border crossing points. We hope everyone has a great time … and […]

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    Happy Easter