• The stories we tell

    From the home page:  “We don’t just sell old postcards, we tell the stories”.  No pun intended, but there’s a back-story to this.  It used to say “We don’t just sell the cards …” but as we understood how important the home page is to search engines, we added “old”.  Guess how many entries for […]

    Date posted: 31 July 2018 | Comment (0)

    The stories we tell
  • How postcards wind up with us

    It makes us happy to land a stash of cards we know will add value to the site. Sometimes old, sometimes new, sometimes borrowed (consignments), even sometimes blue. But we’ve stopped considering unsolicited offers from people we don’t know. We get many of these, usually well-meaning, like this: “My parents had this box of cards […]

    Date posted: 13 July 2018 | Comment (1)

    How postcards wind up with us