• It’s Definitely the 21st Century Now

    You’ve heard of ChatGPT, right?  If not, it would be good for you to find out what it is before you read further.    ChatGPT has been widely publicized here in Hong Kong, but when we tried to sample it, a message appears on the screen:  “Not available in your country”.   No surprises there (apart from […]

    Date posted: 30 March 2023 | Comment (1)

    It’s Definitely the 21st Century Now
  • Dr. Ted

    As most of you know, we try to give special thanks to those who help us one way or another.  This can be technical advice, marketing support, design ideas, and notably friends who supply us with more postcards for the site.   This brings us to Dr. Ted.   Ted is British and has lived here […]

    Date posted: 20 March 2023 | Comment (1)

    Dr. Ted