A few more FAQs

Some of these FAQs are more F than others, but instead of stringing them out through a year of entries, we’ll tackle them all at once. Here you go …

* How safe is Hongkong Post? I don’t want to spend extra on registered mail.

— The problem would more likely be with your post office than with ours. In 11 years, we’ve never had a shipment go missing. Even so, there’s always a first time. Customer’s choice!

* Why do you leave SOLD cards in?

— Only until buyers receive what they bought, so they can compare with the original listing. Or, the buyer asked us to hold the card here pending more sales.

* What’s your priority for adding more cards?

— Right now, to bring the number of countries and territories over 200.

* Why don’t you have a sale?

— We do. Look under “Special Offers” and be creative.

* Why do you have more mosques than churches?

— Do we? We haven’t counted.

* Why don’t you price cards at 99 cents instead of $1?

— That’s a gimmick we think our customers can see through. It’s also confusing when someone (not you!) thinks it means $99.

* Would you sell the website?

— Good question. For $1, no. For $1 million, yes. So it’s not a “yes” or “no” question, but instead “how much”?

Ask away! Bye for now from Hong Kong on this pleasant autumn afternoon.