All things Disney (Part 2)

Earlier this year, we wrote about how hard it is (was) to find Disney postcards here in Hong Kong, even though we have a thriving Disneyland. The only retail shop outside the grounds of the park itself is at the airport, and postcards went off sale there more than a year ago.

Miracles happen.

We recently had occasion to fly out, and more from habit than anything else we dropped into the Disney shop — which is well away from all other shops that aren’t restaurants — and asked whether they had any postcards. After having been told several times before that “we don’t have any and there won’t be any more,” the smiling young lady said “of course, right over here.”

Thinking we misheard, we followed along and sure enough, down near the floor, a small supply of one item only: packs of three cards, sold as a set but individually wrapped, and 3-D to boot.  WOW! They were worth the wait. They’re not in the site itself yet, but they’re in the queue and will be there before too long.  (Later note:  in there now.)

Moral of the story: when a sales clerk says “no, we don’t have any postcards, and we never will again,” smile like Goofy and be persistent like Uncle Scrooge.

Until next time …