All things Disney

We needed to make a short trip out of Hong Kong recently, and as we always do, we waited by the entrance to the Disney shop at the airport for their 7:00 AM opening. We’ve been doing this to try to top up our supply of Hong Kong Disneyland postcards. Until this trip, the answer from counter staff has been “out of stock”. Now, it’s “we won’t be selling those any more”.


Why on earth not? Are they still for sale in the park itself? We don’t know. We went there once, some time ago. Disney shops in the city have all closed, leaving the airport as the only other place to find official paraphernalia. It’s a bit of a slog to get to Hong Kong’s Disneyland, and somewhat expensive to visit, so we need to wait for an understanding friend to go looking for us.


Disney postcards generally seem to fall into three main categories: parks, characters, and movies/studios like Pixar. We have many examples of “character” cards we doubt were sanctioned by Disney– just have a look at our theme category 366. Cards from Anaheim and Orlando parks have been easier for us to find than those from Tokyo and Paris, probably because we’re not aggressively looking. But, knowing a new park in Shanghai will open soon, we commissioned a friend who lives there to check official Disney shops for whatever stock they might have. She drew a complete blank, at both airports and in town.


We follow a fine blog based in the USA ( for information. Todd is very much up to speed on all this. While there’s no shortage of Disney postcards generally, it’s never going to be possible to get a complete inventory, and as he reports, prices for eBay sales can vary wildly from reasonable estimates or past history. What a surprise!