Barber shops … but not really

We chose Barber Shops for this entry even though it has nothing really to do with barber shops.  And why is that?  Because, way back in the dark ages when we were building this site, we wanted to have as many theme categories as possible, and we noticed that we had a few barber shop cards, and so that was that:  a new category.


Not a great idea, probably.  We know for certain that someone out there collects barber shop postcards, and would love to have these.  They’re not expensive, they are accurately described, and they’re not easy to find otherwise.  But regular Blog readers already know how hard it’s been to gain visibility for the site, without wildly expensive advertising, SEO, et alTempting as it might be to hire a skywriting airplane and put our URL in the skies over the world’s major cities, we are not made of money and so we have to let search engines do that work for us.


Putting “barber shop postcards” into a Google search doesn’t get us onto the first page, though that appears as a key term in the website.  What that search largely generates is companies that will print ad cards for barber shops to mail in their neighbourhoods.  Sigh …


It’s not just barber shops.  Check our list of theme categories and you can easily distinguish the major from the minor ones.  But guess what?  We proudly list more than 100 themes and, sometime when we least expect it, someone will come along and say Bingo!  These are just what I wanted.


You know how to reach us!


Until next time …