Better Late than Never

So here we are, six years into running the website, and we can start sharing the joys of running it with you.  This blog will be about postcards, the website, technical things, sourcing, customers’ stories, our stories, and whatever seems right at the time.


Would it surprise you, to get this far we had to change servers five times and completely rebuild the site when the original DotNetNuke structure outgrew anyone’s ability to host it?  Enough about that.


We will share the process of getting a card into the site, and some of the secrets of pricing and grading.  During all this, we gained enormous admiration for postcard websites that literally have millions of cards.  Knowing how labour-intensive this is, we wonder how they do it.  Like our home page says, we tell the stories, and do some research.  One of our favourite categories is Aviation:  if the photo shows a registration number, we can find out exactly what happened to that aircraft from beginning to (sometimes very untimely) end.


If you’ve read this far, you’re either one of our friends and we forced you to read it; or you have an interest in postcards.  We have a long list of things we will blog about over time, but if you want to suggest topics or have questions, please go ahead, comment, ask, and subscribe to updates if you like.  Right now, we just want to get started, with lots more to come from time to time.