• Paul

    Not so long ago, after we added “https” to help boost web visibility, we (figuratively) sat back and waited for orders to flood in.  Ha!  After 16 years of running the site, we’ve seen highs and lows:  server crashes, structural changes, redesigns, loss of webmasters, mail disruptions.  You name it, it’s happened.   Then Paul […]

    Date posted: 19 January 2022 | Comment (1)

  • Being seen

    Even though any of our new Blog entries brings an onslaught of mostly Russian spam about casinos, porn, and drugs into the Comments for Moderation area — endemic to the WordPress structure — we just keep pushing this river uphill.  These “bots” scan for new entries and start their attack on us — not you […]

    Date posted: 21 September 2021 | Comment (1)

    Being seen
  • https

    OK, school is open now.  If you already know what “https” means, you can skip ahead … or, just keep reading and be grateful it’s not happening to you.   If you’re on the internet, look near the top of your screen, and you’ll see the address (URL) of whatever site you’re visiting.  Most likely […]

    Date posted: 25 August 2021 | Comment (2)

  • Reproductions

    Love them?  Hate them?  Couldn’t care?  In our experience, not a lot of folks fall into that first category.   We suppose different people might define reproduction postcards in different ways, but here we’re talking about old cards whose photos have been made into new ones, like the example from Philippines we’ve used to illustrate […]

    Date posted: 28 July 2021 | Comment (2)

  • U.S. Presidents, The Lot of Them

    Let’s open by acknowledging that a majority of our Blog readers are neither American nor live in the U.S.  Yet still, we have that theme category because … well, just because.   Given that postcards didn’t go into circulation much before the late 1800s, that meant about half of all presidents had come and gone […]

    Date posted: 18 June 2021 | Comment (1)

    U.S. Presidents, The Lot of Them
  • No-No’s

    Decades ago, a pop song’s lyrics went “It’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to …”  Well, it’s our website and we’ll post what we want to — for all sorts of reasons, good and bad.  Sometimes, we don’t want to.  Sometimes, we can’t.   This is meant, generally, to be a family-friendly […]

    Date posted: 29 May 2021 | Comment (1)

  • Hospitals

    What could be more appropriate during these trying times than a few words about hospital postcards.  The category is so important, we actually have two:  Hospitals, and Asylum/Sanitarium.  Don’t get bored yet!   No, a hospital isn’t just a hospital.  Browse through the cards and you’ll see several different types:  private, university, state, military, specialised […]

    Date posted: 6 April 2021 | Comment (2)

  • Tatiana

    Long-time readers know that we give special shout-outs once in awhile about friends who’ve made significant contributions to the site, or to our knowledge of postcards in general.   This time, we’re writing about Tatiana in Romania, someone we’ve never met in person, but come to know well after years of correspondence and postcards and recipes […]

    Date posted: 5 March 2021 | Comment (1)

  • Mail

    This virus is like the house guest who promises to stay for three days, then not only doesn’t show any signs of leaving but starts inviting relatives over too.  Most of us — and we include you, wherever you are — are learning to accommodate all the small and big changes, restrictions, and effects of […]

    Date posted: 13 February 2021 | Comment (2)

  • Of course … the virus

    We thought — like SARS — that COVID-19 would have gone away by now.  Clearly not.  If you’re thinking “what does this have to do with postcards?”, we’ll tell you.         We don’t know where all our readers live.  You probably already know, though, that we’re based in Hong Kong.  Compared to […]

    Date posted: 28 December 2020 | Comment (3)

    Of course … the virus