FAQ #6: Can I buy 1000 copies?

Yes, seriously, we get this question.  If not 1000, then 500, or 50, but many more than what we offer.  The answer is “no, sorry” with an exception we will cook up if you keep reading.


The explanation for this question is simple enough.  Many online websites sell do-it-yourself cards.  You choose the artwork and pay; they print the cards and mail in bulk back to you.  Or, you provide your own photo and they produce cards using that photo.  Either way, a normal thing to do, but this is not who we are or will ever be.


So, what’s the exception?  In the unlikely event we are selling a card that is still available in the open market here, and if we can go out and find the number of copies you want, we could do that.  A customer came close to asking for that once, and we said we would look, but by then the card had gone out of print.  So don’t count on it.  You’ll need to buy the only copy we have, and maybe send it on to one of those D-i-Y websites, and let them take over.  We won’t even ask for a 10% cut.


More soon …