• Dr. Ted

    As most of you know, we try to give special thanks to those who help us one way or another.  This can be technical advice, marketing support, design ideas, and notably friends who supply us with more postcards for the site.   This brings us to Dr. Ted.   Ted is British and has lived here […]

    Date posted: 20 March 2023 | Comment (1)

    Dr. Ted
  • End-of-Year Greetings, and Thanks

    How is it that December comes around every two weeks now?  Though not usually our favourite month, it brings with it the chance to wish you all Happy Holidays — whichever ones they might be — and a very Happy New Year too.  Lunar New Year follows closely in January, and usually we would be […]

    Date posted: 22 December 2022 | Comment (1)

    End-of-Year Greetings, and Thanks
  • Kerry, Redux — and House Rules

    We wrote about our friend Kerry quite awhile back, and like other good friends he can surprise us in more ways than one.  As he tells it, he was away from home for a musical gig and had some time to kill, so he went into a shop in a small Arizona town and stumbled […]

    Date posted: 7 June 2022 | Comment (2)

    Kerry, Redux — and House Rules
  • Paul

    Not so long ago, after we added “https” to help boost web visibility, we (figuratively) sat back and waited for orders to flood in.  Ha!  After 16 years of running the site, we’ve seen highs and lows:  server crashes, structural changes, redesigns, loss of webmasters, mail disruptions.  You name it, it’s happened.   Then Paul […]

    Date posted: 19 January 2022 | Comment (1)

  • Tatiana

    Long-time readers know that we give special shout-outs once in awhile about friends who’ve made significant contributions to the site, or to our knowledge of postcards in general.   This time, we’re writing about Tatiana in Romania, someone we’ve never met in person, but come to know well after years of correspondence and postcards and recipes […]

    Date posted: 5 March 2021 | Comment (1)

  • Swaps

    We have a friend we shall call “L”.   No identity of gender, location, age, nothing — because L does not know about this website (we think) and, with luck, never will.  You might wonder:  what’s that all about?  We’re about to tell you.   A long time ago, we briefly joined an online postcard group […]

    Date posted: 28 September 2020 | Comment (1)

  • Our Australia connections

    As we near the end of the annual Lunar New Year frenzy here, we want to wish you all a “Kung Hei Fat Choi” or “Gong Xi Fa Cai” (Hong Kong now being fully dialectical) to celebrate the Year of the Pig. Apart from being the warmest new year in Hong Kong’s history since records […]

    Date posted: 20 February 2019 | Comment (0)

    Our Australia connections
  • Kerry

    Kerry Vesper is an artist, a sculptor. Not incidentally, he and his equally skilled wife Joyce have been friends for 50 years. And he likes to search for postcards, and he sends them, and many of them are in the website. While we don’t always use family names in the Blog, we make an exception […]

    Date posted: 26 July 2017 | Comment (0)

  • “Merci” in every language to Ray, Soh Har, and Ian

    Once in awhile, people warm up to the thrill of the chase, at least where postcards are concerned. Raymond and Soh Har have been friends for 33 years now (!), while their grandson, Ian, has also started working his way up the longevity ladder. Ray and Soh Har live in East Malaysia, and Ian in […]

    Date posted: 6 June 2017 | Comment (1)

    “Merci” in every language to Ray, Soh Har, and Ian
  • Not quite what it seems, but that’s fine

    We recently had the chance to fly Turkish Airlines. It was a series of long flights, great food, incomprehensible entertainment system. But that’s not the point of this little story. As we always do, one of the first things we ask when we board a plane is if the cabin crew have any postcards. (Don’t […]

    Date posted: 11 June 2016 | Comment (2)

    Not quite what it seems, but that’s fine