Degrading postcards?

Can you make out the article’s text? If not, you should be able to see the headline, and when you carry on reading this entry, the photo gets a bit bigger. But you get the idea. We hardly know where to start.

England made a whole industry out of risque, suggestive, and comic seashore postcards. Someone with a charitable perspective might say this was to take folks’ minds off the miserable weather. The concept moved over to the USA, where wit and irony morphed into downright crude. But, you know, people still bought the cards.

In these days of extreme political correctness, where neither side allows the other any leeway whatsoever, it’s no wonder France has a movement like this. C’est dommage! We humbly suggest bringing this to the attention of Brigitte Bardot, if she doesn’t already know, and giving her a forum to say what she thinks. We’re pretty certain we know what that would be.

Meanwhile, we have a few such cards scattered throughout the website. There aren’t many, not because of any principles on our part but because we just haven’t come across them as we built up our inventory. Would we avoid them? Absolument pas!

Until next time …