FAQ #12: When will you redevelop the site?

A good friend recently observed about this Blog: it’s supposed to be about postcards, not technical things. Well, no. For a long time, the home page promised that the Blog would cover “how we run the website”. Non-stop entries about Google algorithms would send anyone running for cover, but once in awhile we want to take a break from the cards and explain how all this works, or doesn’t work. So, here goes.

Websites are living, breathing things. It’s true, a site from 20 years ago and never changed since then may still come up if you know the address (URL), but Google will largely ignore it. Global Postcard Sales changes all the time as we add and subtract inventory and do Blog entries, but this is not enough for them. As we’ve written before, this is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in, a somewhat abstract concept meaning: either build your site so Google “likes” it, or languish forever on page 100. Nobody goes there.

Many websites now are built on WordPress, which was not available when we started. Ours is built on Dreamweaver, which was more popular then than now. Making this long story short, the two structures are not compatible with each other, and Google likes WordPress, which is also easier to manage, more. We consulted more than 20 web developers, some more knowledgable than others, but the conclusion is clear: it’s not going to be possible to build a new WordPress structure and just migrate all these cards and descriptions over from Dreamweaver. Even the Blog is not compatible. We could re-create the Blog, with a bit of effort, but moving 40,000+ postcard entries one by one manually is clearly not going to happen.

The last developer we contacted gave us the clearest description we’ve seen about the technical hurdles, why they exist, and what it would take to overcome them. This convinced us that short of building a new WordPress site and just somehow linking the existing site to it, we need to get into Dreamweaver, and tweak it, and make it (A) mobile responsive, (B) secure, with a SSL certificate (even though we collect no personal information at all on the site), and (C) capable of adding links necessary for SEO. So we will adjust our own search for someone here in Hong Kong who we can meet, discuss, agree, and watch magic happen.

And some friends ask: why not just use eBay? Don’t get us started on that. Life has enough issues!

Bottom line: why is all this necessary? We’d like the site to look more modern, and to obtain Google rankings that make us more visible. After many years of work to get this far, no giving up now, right?

Until next time …