FAQ #3: Will you sell my cards for me?

The short answer: sure, we can try, but you won’t like the conditions.

It’s complicated. You have expectations (see FAQ #2: How much is my card worth?) and those expectations are almost certainly higher than ours. Someone once said “You can’t sell on sentiment alone,” and just because your grandma passed this card from her old boyfriend on to you doesn’t mean it commands a price premium, especially when you haven’t told us the stamp is missing and there are crayon marks all over the back. Or front. Or both.

Having said that, if you just want to see your card online, we can list it for you; but as we just wrote, you won’t like the conditions. Here they are:

1) You ship your cards to us, at your risk and expense.

2) You won’t get them back. If they sell, you will get 60% of the selling price and we keep the rest, net of bank/postage charges. We won’t ship unsold cards back to you, though if you are in town and you want them back, we will hand them over.

3) You can set the pricing or we can do it, but we control the descriptive text.

See, we told you that you won’t like the conditions, but if you were us, you’d do the same thing. We’re moving as fast as we can to get thousands of unprocessed cards into the site, and Mau-Mau is already complaining about his achy paws as he learns to use his own mini-laptop.

That’s all for now on this crisp and dry autumn day in Hong Kong. Until next post …