FAQ #5: How much does this card cost?

Sometimes — not always — this question puzzles us because the price of each card is listed at least once, and sometimes twice, in the description. Yet so many people ask.

It’s not the same as ordering several cards (which is what most customers do) and asking for confirmation of a total, or asking us to double-check their math for calculating postage. No puzzle about this at all. Once in awhile, someone will ask if the listed price is in US$ or Hong Kong $ or Canadian $ or someone else’s $, and we will steer them in the right direction (it’s US$). And, luckily, PayPal will do an instant conversion for someone who wants to pay in Euros or whatever.

So then we have to ask ourselves if there is a better way to show the price of each card. If we were bigger, we would have one of those “add this card to the cart and proceed to checkout” functions, but we’re not geared up for that and even if we were, it would mean re-listing every entry where we have more than one of the same card, but in different conditions.

By now, you’re yawning and thinking “yes, yes, life is full of problems, move on.” So we will. But this is a real FAQ and our polite answer will always be: thanks for asking, it will cost US$___. There you go!

Until next time.