How much is that doggie in the window?

Do you remember that old song, by Patti Page? Maybe not many people do, now, but it was popular in the 1950s and you can find it on YouTube. Where we are concerned, the answer is: US$3. That’s the cost of this postcard, and our introduction to a few statistics about our pricing. Don’t worry, this won’t be on the exam.

Right now, we have 36,631 card entries in the site. You already know that cards may be entered more than once if they fit into a theme category as well as by geography–or vice versa–so the actual number of postcards is somewhat less than this. Thanks to stalwart webmaster Triyanto, we’ve been able to conjure up some facts about our pricing. Here goes, a subtle reminder of why we had to learn these terms when we went to school:

* The “mode” price (more entries at this level than any other) is US$2.

* The “median” price (half the entries more than this, half less than this) is US$3.

* The “mean” or average price (add the price of each entry and divide by the total) is US$4.87.

* There are 122 price points altogether.

* The lowest price is zero. Yes, for various reasons, a tiny number of cards are free. You would have to look hard for them.

* The highest price is US$309. The few really expensive cards we have skew the average price up a bit. You have to look hard for those, too.

We will never guarantee that our price of any particular card is the lowest. That’s a losing bet. Some sites charge $1 for the card and $10 for shipping or other fees. We don’t do that. We respect that our customers have done their homework and have made their decision without gimmicks.

Now go buy the doggie.