Jumping through hoops: Mailing cards

The good news:  “normal” mail is returning, slowly.  And we mean that in more ways than one.  A few countries with no outgoing service at all for months now allow surface but not air shipments.  Even more important, some major countries where our only air option was the wildly expensive “Speedpost” now allow air mail.  Sort of.  Read on.



Recently, surface orders have taken 4-5 months to reach customers.  Nobody has complained — yet — because we explain this in advance.  But even so, who wants to wait that long?  Now, most notably, we can again send air mail letters (important distinction:  letters, not packets or parcels) to major countries including the U.S.   Hongkong Post however has an odd set of restrictions on what can go by air.  Note the photo we’re showing here.  That’s our guide.  Whatever we send to the U.S. (it varies by country, of course it does) can be no wider or taller than the guide sheet, and thin enough to pass through this 20mm slot.  And it can weigh no more than 500 grams.


Putting this into practical terms, we can fit maybe 80 cards well-packed into a “letter” that will meet these requirements.  We haven’t tried yet, since this is all new, and who knows?  The rules might change again before we post this Blog entry.   But here’s today’s link to the Hongkong Post website, if you’re curious:


As always, we’ll do our best to get cards to customers the fastest possible way.


Until next time …