Kerry Vesper is an artist, a sculptor. Not incidentally, he and his equally skilled wife Joyce have been friends for 50 years. And he likes to search for postcards, and he sends them, and many of them are in the website.

While we don’t always use family names in the Blog, we make an exception here — and show you some of Kerry’s work in the card that goes along with this entry — because, well, who knows? Someone might see this and commission Kerry to make something for them. We know he’s in demand, but mention our name and he might bump you up the list. (He’s easily Googlable, or you can just ask us.)

Kerry and I were in Africa together in those early days. We were each in our respective smaller towns, his maybe a bit bigger than mine but we were able to meet up during regional meetings or whenever it was possible. Neither one of us were thinking much about postcards at the time, which of course is a major shame because any cards from that era would be genuine antiques now. But Kerry and Joyce still travel, and it is always great to open the letterbox and see something with his familiar scrawl. Some might say I am now, arguably, in a more exotic location than he is, but we remind each other that while Hong Kong might be exotic to someone in the USA (at least those who don’t have relatives here), Arizona is exotic to someone from here. What’s fair is fair.