We focus so often on the fronts of the postcards but from time to time, if the messages stand out, we’ll mention them.  Now we’re thinking you might enjoy a few minutes of random snooping through long-ago thoughts.


So we took the last stack of cards we entered but haven’t yet filed into their bins.  This really is totally random and represents what we face every time we enter a card into the website.  Here goes:


*  From Di to Diane in Connecticut, in 1970:  “Having a good time.  You wouldn’t believe all the hippies in Provincetown.”  (That’s on the card whose picture you see here.)


*  From Bertha to Valentina in Louisiana in 1910(?):  “Your very pretty card received with pleasure.  I would like to exchange with you.”


*  From Ruby to Katherine in New Jersey in 1968:  “We are between ‘Acts’ at the Summer Playhouse.  It is called ‘Gems of Burlesque’ & is very risque.  Will call you when we get home.”


*  From CB to Booker in Virginia in 1911:  “Walter is home and seems quite as much at home as if he had always been there.”


*  From Lucy to Bonnie in Alabama in 1967:  “Here is the card we promised you from Old Mexico.  We are at a place called Mazatlan which means ‘the place of the deer’.  You would love the fine surf bathing here since you like to swim.”


*  From Cliff to Stanley in Connecticut in 1971:  “We went to Jamaica this last week and it was about the same as last year.  Write soon.”


*  From RHB to Miss G. in Leamington Spa in 1907:  “I have often wondered if I had done anything to offend you as I have not heard from you.  Hope you had a good Xmas, I went down home had a very nice time.”


*  From Kerry to Jim in Hong Kong in 2022:  “We’re back from our weekend in Northern AZ … high temp (here) today was 111F, but as the cliche goes, ‘it’s a dry heat’.”


You get the idea.  But one sentiment we expected to see over and over, and almost never do, is this one:  “Wish you were here”.  Someone can write a dissertation about that!  Speaking of writing, if you have any ideas for future Blog entries, please let us know.


Until next time …