Missing out

If you think our list of 103 themes is long, you can easily find competitors with many more.  We describe cards so that our own search engine will lead determined collectors to what they want.  But even so, here are some categories we wanted to try but that didn’t make the cut.


#6:  Aquariums.  Our goal is 40+ cards in each category, and even though one aquarium (like Shedd in Chicago) can easily generate 40 cards by itself, we think the search function will be enough if someone just enters “aquarium”.


#5:  Circus.  We could never find enough of these through random acquisition.


#4:  Masonic.  It’s a highly specialised topic with limited appeal that can be covered by the search function.


#3:  Sports.  We already have “Baseball” but not “Football” (why??) and more than enough genuine sports cards, from tennis to badminton to track & field, to fill a category.  But the term for us is too broad — not unlike “People”, which we are thinking of scrapping — and with the Olympics even considering chess as a sport for Paris 2024, we rely on the search function.


#2:  Outhouses.  If you don’t already know, these are outdoor toilets without plumbing.  Yes, they were once a favourite topic of comic cards in the USA.  We have a few of these but they’re not popular and we doubted we would find more.


#1:  Large Letter.  This is the correct term for the type of postcard that illustrates this Blog entry.  The style was wildly popular in the early-to-mid 20th century, and to us they’re iconic.  We have enough to open a category, but only thought of it somewhat late in the game for it to add value to the site.


Having said all this, we never know.  We’ll see.  Any suggestions?


One unrelated thing:  we split “PR China” and “Malaysia” into two new categories each, to make it easier to browse for customers who already know the earlier cards and just want to see what’s new.  Have a look!


Until next time,