Decades ago, a pop song’s lyrics went “It’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to …”  Well, it’s our website and we’ll post what we want to — for all sorts of reasons, good and bad.  Sometimes, we don’t want to.  Sometimes, we can’t.


This is meant, generally, to be a family-friendly site.  We’re not the internet’s censorship board, and we also know how subjective taste can be.  But we try to keep up with social and political norms, so here are categories and types of postcard you won’t normally find here.  (For the few exceptions, do your own searching!)


  •  Handmade:  not uncommon to find panels from food packaging, or personal art, and these can be great to  see but we want to stick with manufactured cards whenever possible.
  •  Internet:  Most of our exceptions fall into this category, especially if they really look good, but we try to avoid cards from companies that manufacture to order and sell online.
  •  Protest:  It’s no secret that our home base, Hong Kong, went through major protest activity first in 2014, then in earnest from June 2019 through roughly January 2020.  Postcards circulated.  We had to decide what to do about those, because they legitimately represent what happened in society, yet would be sensitive politically, particularly now.  So we compromised, by listing the cards but self-censoring banners or text or photos that could get us into trouble.  In case you’re wondering, our benchmark for deciding what’s allowable comes from books and magazines still freely available in the city as published by major media.
  • Gruesome:  We just make these decisions on a case-by-case basis.  Under “Aviation” you’ll see cards of plane crashes, and under “Disasters” you’ll see, well, disasters.  But we would not deliberately show a postcard of a beheading or anything even remotely like that.  Other sites do.  Let them.
  • Prophet Mohamed:  Out of respect for Islamic rules, we would not list any cards with such caricatures.  The good news is that we’ve never seen one anyway.
  • Porn:  Be truthful now, you were waiting for us to say something about this, right?  We did an entire blog entry about our “Sexy” theme category a long time ago.  Porn is classically subjective.  We all know this.  And we don’t want to lump “porn” in with “gruesome” but one element is the same:  our decisions are on a case-by-case basis, and if we think we might be going beyond the family-friendly restriction, we do just that small bit of self-censorship.  Any adult, and most non-adults, will know what’s under the fig leaf anyway.


So those are our no-no’s, and if someone ever buys this whole website, they can go ahead and tweak to their heart’s content.  Until then, we just carry on!