Not quite what it seems, but that’s fine

We recently had the chance to fly Turkish Airlines. It was a series of long flights, great food, incomprehensible entertainment system. But that’s not the point of this little story.

As we always do, one of the first things we ask when we board a plane is if the cabin crew have any postcards. (Don’t laugh, once in awhile some airlines still do.) The nice lady said “What is a ‘postcard’?” That was a clue we might not get lucky. So we explained. She looked as though we had just asked her for a handful of antibiotics, or something like that, but she said she would ask around. And that was that.

Until midway through the flight, dark, nearly everyone sleeping except us, staring at Kazakhstan or whatever was down below. She handed something over, and here’s a fairly accurate summary of what she said: “I couldn’t find anything like what you described, but we had this photo of an old card in our in-flight magazine, so I made this for you.” And indeed she had. She cut out the photo, and a piece of thin cardboard, and wrapped the whole thing in plastic. The size and shape of a postcard, it’s what you see in this Blog entry.

We mean, really, if that’s not customer service, what is? No, we aren’t going to list it for sale. Some things just don’t have a price.

Many thanks to that fine lady. Sorry we didn’t get her name.

Until next time …