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  • Carlsbad, ranunculus flowers

    Unused card of the Flower Fields, near Legoland.  Grade: 1

    Code: 10105001

    Price: $2.00

    Carlsbad, ranunculus flowers
  • Hi from beautiful San Diego!

    From early 2000s, unused, undamaged. Grade: 1

    Code: 10105002

    Price: $2.00

    Hi from beautiful San Diego!
  • La Jolla Caves

    Oversized card by Frank S. Balthis, mailed using a postage meter in 1997. Address is on a label. Photo dates from 1987. Minor edge abrasions. Grade: 2

    Code: 10105003

    Price: $2.50

    La Jolla Caves
  • San Francisco (American Airlines)

    This card is from early 1950s, issued by American Airlines and unused except for a travel agency’s rubber stamp on reverse. Minor edge abrasions. Grade: 4

    Code: 10105004

    Price: $4.00

    San Francisco (American Airlines)
  • Cabrillo National Monument

    Card mailed in 1970 with one stamp and partial postmark. Published by Road-Runner (C22316) and Juan Rodriguez (1542), it has minor edge and corner abrasions. Grade: 2

    Code: 10105005

    Price: $3.50

    Cabrillo National Monument
  • Greetings from San Diego (Super Bowl XXII)

    Unused card printed in 1987 for the 1988 event (Washington beat Denver). Front is excellent; reverse is  aging significantly. Grade: 3

    Code: 10105006

    Price: $6.00

    Greetings from San Diego (Super Bowl XXII)
  • San Francisco, bath house

    From 1970s? Unused card, has very small pencilled number on upper left reverse. Because of that, Grade: 3

    Code: 10105007

    Price: $11.00

    San Francisco, bath house
  • San Simeon, Hearst Castle

    Plastichrome card HC-23A mailed in 1988 with one stamp and heavy, full postmark. Red airmail and date rubber stamps on reverse. Serrated edges. Grade: 3

    Code: 10105008

    Price: $4.50

    San Simeon, Hearst Castle
  • Greetings from Twentynine Palms

    Unused card with “June, 1960” typed on upper left reverse. Photo certainly predates this. Grade: 3

    Code: 10105009

    Price: $9.00

    Greetings from Twentynine Palms
  • Hollywood (folio)

    When Hollywood really was glam … well, here you are, a 1960s-era miniature souvenir album of ten Plastichrome Reproductions, all meant to be sent together through the mail. Superb condition. Grade: 1

    Code: 10105010

    Price: $20.00

    Hollywood (folio)
  • Mission San Juan Capistrano (folio)

    Miniature album (3″ x 4-1/4″) with plastic spiral binder, of ten cards, all meant to be sent together as a souvenir. Grade: 1

    Code: 10105011

    Price: $18.00

    Mission San Juan Capistrano (folio)
  • Los Angeles, USC, Tommy Trojan

    Unmailed card from the mid-1960s, Tommy has seen his share of ups and downs. Card looks pretty food. Fight on! Grade: 2

    Code: 10105012

    Price: $2.00

    Los Angeles, USC, Tommy Trojan
  • San Diego, body surfing

    Semi-vintage James Blank card (1970s?) of the type that foreign governments might or might not let slip through the system then if you mailed it. Unmailed card, aging significantly on reverse. Grade: 3

    Code: 10105013

    Price: $3.00

    San Diego, body surfing
  • I heart California

    Three of these 1980s-era cards are available, all unmailed, all aging just a bit on reverse, but then who isn’t? Grades: 1

    Code: 10105014

    Price: $3.00

    I heart California
  • San Francisco, cable car

    Unused Hill card 5P29836 probably from 1960s and in as-new condition. It’s Hyde Street. Grade: 1

    Code: 10105015

    Price: $2.50

    San Francisco, cable car
  • San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge, night

    Bridges figure so prominently in postcards from San Francisco. By now, things have gotten more creative. Let’s see what we can do with descriptions as we move forward … This is an unmailed Plastichrome 5P29942 card from the 1960s, as-new. Grade: 1

    Code: 10105016

    Price: $2.50

    San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge, night
  • Anaheim, Disneyland, Tomorrowland

    Great for Disney buffs, a view of the Kaiser Aluminum exhibit.  Card dates from 1958 or earlier, and two are available.  One has a penciled date on the reverse along with a large rubber stamp from a travel agency. But the card was not used otherwise and the front is undamaged (Grade: 4, $1) while the other card is unused (Grade: 1, $3).

    Code: 10105017

    Price: $3.00

    Anaheim, Disneyland, Tomorrowland
  • San Simeon, Hearst Castle, aerial view

    A California destination that will remain valuable as long as it never changes, and this is reflected in the postcards. Plastichrome card HC-1A mailed in 1984, with two torn stamps and two red airmail rubber stamp marks also. Serrated edges. Grade: 4

    Code: 10105018

    Price: $2.00

    San Simeon, Hearst Castle, aerial view
  • Surfing

    Card mailed in 1984, has stamp and postmark intact. Postal creasing around the edges and corners. Grade: 3

    Code: 10105019

    Price: $2.00

  • San Francisco, aerial night view

    This Ken Glaser card was made in 1990, then mailed internationally in 1991, has two stamps and a full but hard-to-read postmark. Also has one red rubber “air-mail” stamp on reverse. Grade: 2

    Code: 10105020

    Price: $2.50

    San Francisco, aerial night view
  • Southern California, sailing

    Written for mailing in 1986 but must have been sent in an envelope instead. Front is fine. Grade: 4

    Code: 10105021

    Price: $1.50

    Southern California, sailing
  • San Francisco, Golden Gate, sunset

    The bridge, another sunset. This Mark Gibson Fotopage SF103 postcard was mailed in 1986, two stamps, one full postmark, a little aging, and minor corner creasing. The sun sets on this 4-1/2″ x 6-1/2″ card! Grade: 3

    Code: 10105022

    Price: $2.00

    San Francisco, Golden Gate, sunset
  • Anaheim, Disneyland

    This card of Disneyland’s Main Street Station was mailed in the late 1970s and has the stamp but postmark isn’t legible.  Grade: 2

    Code: 10105023

    Price: $2.50

    Anaheim, Disneyland
  • Hollywood

    To be more exact, the Hollywood Hills, in or before 1989 when the Justine Hill card was mailed. There are two stamps and a full postmark, and a bit of postal creasing. Grade: 2

    Code: 10105024

    Price: $2.00

  • Coast, sailing, sunset

    Two unused cards are available. They date probably from the 1980s, and are aging slightly on reverse. Grades: 2

    Code: 10105025

    Price: $1.00

    Coast, sailing, sunset
  • San Diego, multiple shore views

    From 1980s or 90s, two unused Ken Raveill CT-5140 cards. A bit of aging on reverse. Grades: 1

    Code: 10105026

    Price: $1.50

    San Diego, multiple shore views
  • Los Angeles, skyline

    Three cards are available. These were from late 1990s. Two are unmailed, as-new (Grades: 1, $1.50). The third was mailed in 1997, has two stamps and nearly full L.A. postmark (Grade: 1, $2).

    Code: 10105027

    Price: $2.00

    Los Angeles, skyline
  • Santa Monica, Third Street Promenade

    This attractive 4-5/8″ x 6-5/8″ card VSM-10 from The Postcard Factory in 2000 makes the city look as nice as it really is. Mailed from Marina del Rey with two stamps, it survived the trip well with full postmark and the additional postal script that must be obligatory now. Grade: 1

    Code: 10105028

    Price: $2.50

    Santa Monica, Third Street Promenade
  • Palm Springs, tram ride

    Petley card of Mt. San Jacinto, mailed in 1983, with two stamps and full postmark. Grade: 1

    Code: 10105029

    Price: $2.50

    Palm Springs, tram ride
  • Saratoga, Paul Masson Champagne Cellars

    Basically an advertising card but it seems like a good fit for California, being good wine and all. Mailed in mid-1970s, has stamp and most of a postmark. Grade: 2

    Code: 10105030

    Price: $2.50

    Saratoga, Paul Masson Champagne Cellars
  • San Francisco, Letterman General Hospital

    A somewhat odd unused card from the 1970s, not because of the photo but because the message section on reverse is completely preprinted with two different descriptions of this military facility. The card was distributed by chaplains of the hospital. We wonder how we got it. Grade: 1

    Code: 10105031

    Price: $2.00

    San Francisco, Letterman General Hospital
  • San Diego, Coronado Bridge

    Unused James Blank MA-519 contemporary card. Grade: 1

    Code: 10105032

    Price: $1.50

    San Diego, Coronado Bridge
  • San Diego, sunset

    What is it about California postcards and sunsets, and why do we have so many of these cards? (It’s a rhetorical question.) This one was mailed in 1986, internationally, with 44-cent stamp and full postmark. Grade: 1

    Code: 10105033

    Price: $2.00

    San Diego, sunset
  • San Francisco, Alcatraz, Al Capone’s cell

    Two Mike Roberts cards from the 1980s are available, serrated edges, and aging along with the cell.  One is unused (Grade: 3, $3) and the other was mailed in 1985 with three different stamps and Seattle postmark (Grade: 2, $4).  Yes, we can say, having visited there: the cell is bleak.

    Code: 10105034

    Price: $3.00

    San Francisco, Alcatraz, Al Capone’s cell
  • San Francisco, Chinatown

    Beautiful unused Smith News Co. 5:SF-36 card of Grant Street from the 1950s, the most minor edge and corner abrasions and aging, but not enough to warrant any less than Grade: 1

    Code: 10105035

    Price: $3.50

    San Francisco, Chinatown
  • Mammoth Mountain

    From 1960s, unused Bill Kelsey W-102 34723 Rocking K Ranch postcard showing the different ski runs. Just a little bit aged on reverse. Grade: 1

    Code: 10105036

    Price: $2.00

    Mammoth Mountain
  • Lake Tahoe, Emerald Bay

    An H.S. Crocker, Sierra News Company SNT-5 card mailed in 1966, has stamp and full postmark–though you’ll need to know Russian to read the message. Grade: 2

    Code: 10105037

    Price: $2.50

    Lake Tahoe, Emerald Bay
  • Santa Monica, Palisades

    Unused card attributed to different people and companies: David M. Mills, Allard Novelty & Postcard Company C12121, and of course Mike Roberts. It’s from the 1960s. Grade: 2

    Code: 10105038

    Price: $1.50

    Santa Monica, Palisades
  • San Francisco, Lombard Street

    Someone really should specialize in photos of this street alone: the landscaping and the buildings along it.  Two Igor Stchogoleff Smith News Co. cards from 1960s (or earlier) are available, H.S. Crocker series 5:SF-32.  One is unused and in outstanding condition (Grade: 1, $2) and the other was mailed in 2011 as a vintage card, with 29-cent stamp and partial postmark (Grade: 3, $1).

    Code: 10105039

    Price: $1.00

    San Francisco, Lombard Street
  • Death Valley, Ubehebe Crater

    This Ferris H. Scott card S-43079L2-4 was mailed in 1971 and is in terrific condition for its age. The stamp is there and the postmark is fully legible. Grade: 1

    Code: 10105040

    Price: $2.50

    Death Valley, Ubehebe Crater