We’re back from our mystery shopping trip and will write about that later, after those cards get scanned. Meanwhile, here’s a puzzle that has … umm … puzzled us for quite awhile.

Our “How to Order” page is fairly straightforward. There are options for anyone wanting to buy. One of those is PayPal, and anyone wanting to use that needs to ask us for the e-mail address they want their own customers to enter. So far, so good. Nearly all our orders follow this sequence:

* Customer writes, says they want this-or-that card, and asks to confirm the correct amount plus postage.

* We answer with that information, giving also the PayPal e-mail and asking the customer to confirm mailing address.

* PayPal confirms payment was made, and we ship the cards.

But (always a “but”) here is what happens more than we expect:

* Same as #1 above

* Same as #2 above

* There is no #3

We understand people can change their minds. Even we do that once in awhile. It just seems odd to have selected the cards and then never ordered them. Do we write back to ask what happened? No. Should we? Probably. Will we? No. No hassles from Global Postcard Sales!

Until soon …