Romance in the air – an idea

Even the misanthropes among us sometimes stir to the language of love.  (And you are already thinking:  what on earth??)  Don’t give up on us.


Here’s an idea for you.  We have a category called “Romance”.  You are always wondering how to surprise your loved one with an unusual and unique gift, maybe for Valentine’s Day–OK, OK, a bit late for this year–or a birthday, or anniversary, or just a special occasion.  Roses?  Been there, done that.  Candy?  Fattening.  Postcards?  Perfect!


Select 20 of our cards from the “Romance” theme.  This won’t break the bank, and we’ll even give you a small discount.  Get yourself a sheet of nice gift-wrapping paper and some ribbon.  Then take it from there.


Wishing you a Happy Spring from suddenly steamy Hong Kong.  Bye for now.