Scarce Countries

We won’t send out a general notice about this entry, because it’s not really of postcard interest, but if you stumble onto this at least you’ll know we are still alive.  We know the lack of mobile responsiveness in the site’s structure works against us, and we really want to fix it.  The overriding problem seems to be that we haven’t found anyone who (A) works in Hong Kong, and (B) can migrate all the information into a new format.  We’ve written about this many times.

Why is it important that the person is here in HK?  Because we are, and we want to know who we’re working with, and want to know they won’t just disappear.  It’s odd that so MANY companies promoting website repair and maintenance give HK addresses but these are just fronts — even the phone numbers redirect to another country.  Yeah, OK, but no.

So what are we doing about it?  Lacking anyone’s personal recommendation, we are making our way through Google lists until we find someone or some company that fits our criteria.   Always remember, old postcards tend to be unique.  No two are identical, and when one sells, the description and photo must go along with it.  Without any replacement, inventory gets reduced by one and so, therefore, do the choices.   Because of this, we’re looking for a cost-effective way to bring ourselves kicking and screaming into the 21st century — unlike so many of our cards!