Something for Everyone

Our good friend Thea was out and about recently, and came across a stack of these books in the discount section of a local shop.   She astutely observed:  “No, there was not a line fighting for them.”
We’re not certain any more where postcards rank on the list of collectible hobbies.  They used to be up along with stamps and coins.  Anyone who narrows their focus of interest enough can spend many hours and not all that much money searching for just one more old card with a blue beach umbrella, or – in this case – a bridge.  (We have lots of bridge postcards.  Come and get them.)  For most people, they’re easy to store, too.
We don’t own that book of bridge postcards and don’t know how the authors sorted out their options:  covered/uncovered?  railroad?   Over rivers/oceans/mountains?  metal/wood?  by length/height?  Or just
by location?  Anyway, they had enough to fill a book.  For that matter,  so do we…
Bridges represent two of about 200 theme categories in our website.  We’re reasonably certain books exist for some of these, especially aviation or anything remotely resembling “sexy”.  But this still leaves lots of those 200 categories untouched … and the next time Thea or any of you run into a book called “Fireworks Postcards” or “Golf Postcards” or anything like that, let us know.  We’re all eyes!