The blog entry we always wanted to make

It’s about time. These are not quite FAQs because they are not “F” but they are real “AQs” so here we go:

1. Why do you put “USA” in theme categories where cards come from USA? The state should be enough.

— We’re global. Our customers in Namibia may not know where Iowa is any more than Americans know where    Namibia is.

2. Why do you mix British and American English?

— We don’t want to offend anyone.

3. What do you mean by “local” cards?

— The great majority of postcards come from nationally recognised producers in whatever country, like Curt Teich or L.L. Cook or Mike Roberts in the USA. A few don’t. They’re “local”.

4. Why do you have so many cards of the Wisconsin Dells?

— Because nobody buys them.

5. Is Hong Kong’s postal system safe? We don’t trust China Post.

— Hongkong Post has nothing to do with China Post. Yet.

6. Do you sell more by geography or more by theme?

— Theme, though some countries are popular, Malaysia in particular.

7. Why don’t you show the backs of cards? Wouldn’t it save time in describing? Other sites do this.

— Describing is part of the fun.

— Time and site capacity issues.

— Would you want your personal information splashed all over the net?

8. Are you making money yet?

— Depends on how you define “making money”.

9. Can you give me a discount?

— Sure. See “Special Offers”.

10. What will happen with the site when you can’t do it any more?

— Good question.

11. Who buys these cards?

— People like you.

Bye for now.