The mountains don’t move

After a short break, we’re back, and it seems like as good a time as any to reflect (no pun intended) on one of our least favourite categories: Mountains.

Imagine yourself with stacks of postcards to process. Old buildings, old vehicles, people doing strange things, exotic locations. And mountains that for the most part look the same now as they did eons ago. There are exceptions, and Mt. Kilimanjaro is an example. For one thing, we climbed it a long time ago, so there’s that personal connection. But from a postcard point of view, and thanks to climate change, the glacier on top is melting. Look at older cards and you’ll see Kibo and Mawenzi Peaks covered in snow, as we did when we slogged through it. Look at more recent cards and see the change. For anyone who says this is imaginary, we say: *look at the cards*! (But to be fair, we have mostly older ones. For the latest shots, go to Google.)

Then there’s the problem of knowing just what to say about the mountain. It’s the fourth-tallest in Colorado? Not interesting enough. It’s also a ski resort? OK, good enough for three categories but not going to be very rare, either. You get the idea.

Long ago, we were chatting with another postcard collector who thought more or less along these same lines: the mountains don’t move. We rank them at the bottom of our pecking order, below man-made structures and well below people. But everyone has their own taste, and we know that someone out there–maybe you–is desperate for that one missing photo of Lookout Mountain. Well, here it is!

Now don’t get us started on beaches.

Until next time.