Now the “New Normal” in Hong Kong

Ah, Hong Kong, our home.  Definitely, the past year, it’s not been boring here.  Not at all.  Especially not in the past week.


This will be a short entry.  We need to make a small adjustment to some cards on the site.  (If you’ve been following the news, you can guess which cards they are, and why.)   We have added a * to the index number for some cards in the “Hong Kong” category, and in whatever other Theme categories those cards might appear.    These cards will no longer be available to Hong Kong residents.


This is a postcard website, and we’ve done all we can to avoid politics no matter what country or ideology.  That doesn’t mean we haven’t been tempted!  But our customers are global, and sensitivities can be strong.  Speaking of strong, you might need a strong sense of history to make the connection between the card illustrating this entry and today’s topic, but it’s there, and we’ll be happy to tell you — by separate message — if you ask!


Thanks for your understanding and support on this hot summer day.


Until next time …