This doesn’t fit!

Regular readers (all five of you!)  might remember that we made a blog entry last February about theme categories.  Right now more than 100 of these categories range from general (“Romance”) to very specific (“Buffalo Bill”).  We also observed that some of these categories probably shouldn’t be there.  But they cause no damage, and so there they sit.


Inevitably some cards just don’t fit anywhere.  That’s why we have the 300 designation, for “No Specific Theme”.  Generally, each card starting with 300 is there for one of two reasons:  (A) we don’t have quite enough to open a new category, or (B) it’s too distinctive.  Go ahead, review the list of all 100+ topics, and tell us where you would put the card we’ve used to illustrate this post.  It’s not comic, it’s not romantic, it’s not about the prairie dogs, so??  As for (A), a good example might be cards of outer space.  Over time we also learned which themes are more commercial, so we’ll just decide what to do as we go along.  This is not a matter of strategy, but instead one of quantity.  It’s nice to have at least 41 cards in each topic so they run over into a second page.  Nice, but not necessary–especially when cards sell, and the total drops below that threshhold.


Special request:  tell us what card categories you might like to see.  At the same time, go ahead and suggest new blog topics.  While the blog will stay open regardless, we want to keep it fresh.  So your thoughts are more than welcome, and the Comments section just waits for you.  Until next time …